Downe House provides bed linen with underblankets and duvets. Members should bring their own towels and coathangers.

All rooms will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Members applying for a shared room should indicate that this is the case and naming the individual they wish to share with.

If you are disabled or have other special needs, we will try to accommodate you, but you should appreciate that we do not have a specialist co-ordinator who can assess your needs and we do not have special equipment. In addition we are not able to make alterations to the premises of Downe House School. Although the school is largely a flat, compact site, not all bedrooms are on the ground floor and some rehearsal rooms are on upper floors or down steps in order to accommodate the numbers who attend.

If you have special needs, it is essential that you discuss these with the Administrator (see Application page) before making a formal application. You can then be made aware of the limitations of the Downe House premises and you can reach your own decision as to whether the physical and learning environment is appropriate for you. If you have any doubts, we strongly recommend that you arrange for a professional assessment to be carried out for you.


  • 14.00-15.15 Registration
  • 15.15-15.45 Tea and Introductions
  • 16.00 First rehearsal


Members leave by 14.30


At the suggestion of members we try to make the concerts more of an event and ask performers to dress rather more formally than for rehearsals. Your dress may therefore be casual but smart.


The school is located close to Exit 13 of the M4 and is just 5 miles from the centre of Newbury. Detailed instructions will be sent to all members before the summer school.