The Society is committed to awarding bursaries and scholarships to encourage and enable the widest possible access to its activities, and to ensure that all participants have a high-quality educational experience.

Bursaries are awarded to those who would find it difficult to afford the full cost of attendance; scholarships are awarded to those who would significantly improve the experience of participating for other members, whether because of the standard of the applicant’s playing or singing, or a need for the instrument or voice concerned.

The amount of each bursary or scholarship will normally be capped at the level of the tuition element of the full course fee; however, in exceptional circumstances, and/or where the applicant is able and willing to provide assistance with the running of an activity or event, that limit may be exceeded at the joint discretion of the Administrator and the Director.

In exceptional cases, consideration may be given to the award of both a bursary and a scholarship to same individual, up to the full cost of the activity, but The Society’s preference is to help as many people as possible, rather than to favour a few in this way.

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